The "Art of Using Humor in Public Speaking" is a monograph on a challenging and rewarding people skill that can be learned. More details...
Here are the four great talks by Dr. Charles Jarvis.
Dr. Jarvis presents a 6 hour workshop on Humor at the Camelback Inn in 1976.
Dr.Jarvis wrote 200+ articles for the Brady Standard-Herald. He shared his love for the study of humor by writing about a myriad of subjects related to humor. These 66 articles relate to the study of humor.
Dr. Jarvis wrote over 200+ articles for the Brady Standard-Herald. Volume 2 contains 69 articles that relate to the business of humorous speakers, types of humor and his talks.
Dr. Jarvis was a student of humor. This pdf document presents his study notes of humor based on his extensive research over the years. Hand- typed, they cover a huge area of his research. 234 pages in length including the cover.
At the beginning, Dr. Jarvis used notes. Over the years he refined his note taking and began to take notes on every presentation. These hand-typed notes are an instructive look at how he presented and recorded his speeches. Study them carefully.
Charlie Jarvis speaks to the Florence Chamber of Commerce.
A wide ranging interview of Dr. Jarvis by his close friend Dr. Charley Willey.
Presented at a National Speaker's Assoc. convention. A very special talk given to Dr. Jarvis's fellow speakers.
The Civic Organization Guide introduces 15 organizations, explaining their Mission and their History. Use this guide to learn about them and offer your presentation to their members.
Dr. Charles Jarvis Gift Cards - A great way to share his wit and wisdom!
Learn more about Dr. Jarvis by reading his promotional brochure and biography.
Humor Flash Cards are a simple and fun way to learn the definitions of 35 types of humor.
In 1979, Dr. Jarvis presented this Humor Workshop at the Toastmasters International Conference. Classic Jarvis covering the basics of using humor.
The Jarvis Revisted Study guide is a four page guide to the study of Humor. Includes tools of the craft, psychology of humor, mechanics, material selection, speech structure & delivery, Jarvis's Bird Story and bibliography.
The Jarvis Revisited Workshop is for individuals interested in learning both basic and advanced humor skills. Includes study materials and is custom tailored to every participant based on their interests. Read carefully what is included!
The second part of the "Jarvis Revisited" workshop is where you focus on the areas you want to develop.
This two-part recording is packed with great insights into humor. It was presented in Chicago in 1982
Open Wide Please -- and Laugh! is a talk about problems and the idea that it could be worse.
Dr. Jarvis addresses an Amway convention.
Prescription for the Happy Life is Dr. Jarvis's Hallmark talk and is the 1st talk he recorded.
The basics of success are still the same. You wanna go back to the "good old days"? When were those?
"This Won't Hurt - Much!" is a talk about human and public relations.
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