Charles Jarvis Articles, Volume 2

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Out of his first 200 articles, Charlie wrote 69 articles that relate to the many aspects of Humor.  Volume 2 is an additional collection of articles.  It is a large .pdf file with bookmarks that can be read to help you understand more about the business of humor.

These are lite reads, only a few pages each, that cover many different subjects.  They help to illuminate his approach to the study of humor and elaborate on points he makes in his talks and workshops.  They are not academic, rather he tells stories to readers that may shed light on subjects he felt important.  You'll read the written versions of many of his jokes and in this volume, learn some of his insights into the challenges of speaking on the circuit, types of audiences, types of humor and a host of other subjects.

These articles are an excellent  supplement to your study of humor.  Volume 1 focused more on subjects that relate to the study of humor itself.

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