Charles Jarvis Humor Notes

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This is a pdf of his three ring binder full of his hand-typed notes.  Titled "Humor and Its Effective Use", it covers numerous subjects as definitions, bible references, types and causes of laughter, therapeutic effects, psychology of humor, smiling and laughing, value of laughter, Eastman's Laws, children and laughter and much, much more.  Also included are two texts which he felt were important.  It contains a wealth of information, from years of study, that he undertook to better understand his own art.  It was a real privilege to have this shared with me by his daughter.

These pages include his highlighting, notes, illustrations and musings.  For the real student of humor, they will be a journey into the art and science of humor and its effects.  Not lite reading, every page is thought provoking, insightful and of special interest to Dr. Jarvis.  If you have his workshops, you will see in these notes, some of the things he presented about the science and the study.  Take your time to absorb these pages as you explore his study of humor.  This is a good accompanying text to his two workshops also found here and available for downloading.

This is a HUGE file and will take time to download.  It is configured to allow you to print pages.  Please keep in touch if you buy this.  I'd like to learn more about  your observations of his notes!

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