Art of Using Humor in Public Speaking

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The "Art of Using Humor in Public Speaking" was written to provide anyone interested in using humor with a concise look at the basics.  It focuses on Public Speaking though, not stand-up comedy.  It contains a lot of what Dr. Jarvis thought about the subject.  He liked to say, "I'm not here to make you laugh, I'm here to make you think".  He was a gifted Humorist and loved to make people laugh, but he also saw the serious side of using humor to change minds and soothe souls, if not but just for a few minutes.  He studied his trade relentlessly and really focused on the responsibilities of the professional humorous speaker.

Add to that insights into humor based on my 35 years in Toastmasters International.  Lot of speeches, lot of humor, it was an excellent way to observe what makes it work.  Heady stuff, but not for the casually interested individual.    So this monograph is a bit academic, but still delivers a lot important lessons you can use.  It is also the text for all "Jarvis Revisited" Workshops.

This expanded version offers considerably more insights into types of humor than what are shown online.  It should be read slowly, digested and used in conjunction with the "Jarvis Revisited" Humor Study Guide.

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