Jarvis Revisited Workshop


The Jarvis Revisited workshop is for individuals or groups and is custom tailored to every participant.  The workshop consists of  two parts.  Part One is what you are purchasing if you choose this item.  

The first is the "Basics of Humor" presentation. During this hour I will present the academic basics of humor, derived from extensive reading and the notes of Dr. Jarvis.  You'll hear humor definitions, psychology, personal applications, mechanics, material sources, structure, delivery and more.  You'll need to take notes and write down questions you have.  Golden rules and career killers will be presented.  This will be an intense, detailed presentation, all you'll need to get started in your study and use of humor in public speaking.  Be sure to download the Jarvis Revisited Study Guide.  It presents the core ideas of the Jarvis Revisited workshop and is a comprehensive outline of knowledge and resources for the study of humor.

I believe that this presentation should be absorbed in groups of four.  Find three friends who want to polish their humor skills and sign up together.  Then work with your friends to develop and experiment with the skills you are building.  Humor works face-to-face and you will gain more if you can work with several friends who want to make the effort.   Charlie loved to talk about humor.  He knew that study was the basis of improved performance and he was always willing to talk about using humor.  I love to talk about humor and would really enjoy spending time working with you and your associates to develop the skills required.  If you think that telling a few jokes in your talks equals "using humor" in public speaking, don't bother signing up.  Charlie like to say, "I'm not here to make you laugh, I'm here to make you think."  I am basically channeling his teachings and approach to humor.  He was serious about using humor to reach people and teach important lessons.  It is a serious subject worth the attention of anyone who really wants to add humor to their "arsenal" of success skills.   

The second, "Advanced Humor Applications", will answer your questions and discuss more detailed aspects of your specific application.  It will focus on areas you are interested in and be a chance to delve into the fine points of research and delivery of humor.  If you get this far, you should download my "Art of Using Humor in Public Speaking" monograph, a lengthy discussion on using humor, in pdf form.  It will summarize and delve into the basics you'll need to proceed with your studies.

Also, I recommend that you purchase and download his "Best of Charlie Jarvis" talks prior to the first hour.  Not required, but he is considered by marketing guru Dan Kennedy, to be one of the greatest humorists.  His timing and wit are exceptional.  When you do, you can register and then shop at this store anytime in the future for all of the Humor Resource materials. 


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